Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More YouTube junk

Easter was a bit anti-climactic, having missed the opportunity to go ski touring in Arctic Norway for various dull and "responsible" reasons. Nevertheless I did go out climbing on Friday despite the crap forecast and occasional passing snow shower (see movie). My hands still show the scars from climbing the appropriately named "Enter the hand jam", which turned out to be a tough and slightly dirty struggle. I only noticed how much I was bleeding when I saw the blood smeared on the lower-off chain at the top. Apologies to other Haukkakallio visitors - but I'm sure some rain will wash it away sooner or later. Nevertheless there is something slightly satisfying about scab-covered backs of hands; it means summer is here.

Visiting a railway museum and washing the car was about the height of excitement for the rest of weekend, so as a result I spent an hour messing around with iMovies for the want of something better to do and the movie above is my rather embarrassing result.

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