Saturday, August 02, 2008

This is just a test

I've started noticing more videos hosted on Vimeo. It is really just like YouTube yet somehow prettier - both the site itself, and the way they embed. See if you agree. Below is a short clip of my brother-in-law on the crux of Amphitheatre Buttress (Vdiff), Craig Yr Ysfa, Wales - taken in 2004. Considering it was his first proper climb, and he was in trainers, he was storming up it.

Amphitheatre Buttress (Craig Yr Ysfa) from Toby A. on Vimeo.

It's kind of pretty isn't it? The video hosting that is, not Jaakko wearing my ridiculous-looking old helmet. At least until the comment threads on Vimeo get as soul-sappingly-awful as they are on YouTube, then I think I'm gonna stick with Vimeo.

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