Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Even more Northern Light

I've arrived safely in Tromsø and of course my hotel room has free wireless that works better than my home connection, so no excuse not to blog. The flight up here from Oslo was stunning, and made sure I was sitting on left side of the plane for the best view. The cloud belows disappeared as we flew above northern Norway and suddenly, there below, there were mountain coming out of the sea - Lofoten. I could see from 11,000 mtrs the venues for some of the best days of my life that were spent climbing in the Norwegian mountains. Looking down on Lofoten, I could see Vågakallen at the southern tip of Austvågøy, behind which is Presten, home to the brilliant Vestpillaren route that I climbed in 2002 with Toby. Next I could see the beautiful Eidetind in the Tysfjord area that I climbed with Dave in 2003. Then on, over Narvik, and as we descended between peaks towards Tromsø, the mountains of Kvaløya were there. Baugen appeared in profile as we lost height, and the sun was on Gallionsruta (see the picture in the previous post), the climb by which Dave and I climbed Baugen in 2006. Even the peak of Hamperokken that we climbed on the same trip popped into view as the plane swung around 180 degrees on the final approach into Tromsø.

The view from my hotel

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