Friday, August 22, 2008

al-Qaeda-Finland-Gordon Brown terror nexus

Now there is a title I never thought I'd write - but, what the hell? Three people from Lancashire arrested over threats to kill the PM, claiming to be al-Qaeda in Britain (nice to see there is no petty nationalism there: i.e. seperate al-Qaedas in England, Scotland and Wales), with two being taken off a plane about to leave for Finland? Presumably as it was Manchester airport, that would have been the daily Finnair flight to Helsinki. Now reports say that Greater Manchester counter-terrorism police are "in Scandinavia" continuing their inquiries. Technically, Finland isn't part of Scandinavia but I'm not sure if the PA or the Greater Manc polis spokesperson knows that, so they could well be in town.

Weird. I'll need to make some call Monday to see if I can find out more!

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