Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend climbing pictures

Back to Haukkakallio for this weekend's climbing. Oddly, for much of last summer the "Kultajuova" sector of the crag was wet and seeping but we have had such nice weather for the last couple of weeks that currently it is really dry, so that's where we did many of routes today. All the pics are clickable for higher resolution versions.

Somehow going climbing is just more fun in one of these.

Your correspondent on Työyhteenliittymä 5b

This man is not asleep, just resting his eyes.

A well-rested Simon cruises Surffi 6a+

Me getting stuck into Kesäalkaa 5- (VS 4c)

Warning: kicking annoying photographers in the head can still be considered a point of aid.

Jody heads towards the sun on Apulanta 6a+

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surely I wasn't climbing so slowly it sent Simon to sleep.

I especially like the picture of the van containg, what looks like, a collection of unattached body parts.