Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crap TV

Finland went digital at the start of the year, which means now at 11.45 pm on a Saturday I get to watch:

World's Most Shocking Videos:
Dangerous Drivers 4

Some guy with a stupid movie-trailer voice talking crap over cctv footage of cars crashing. And this is what we call Western Civilisation.


Quizbo said...

I don't remember such a string of Grumpy Old Man posts from you, so I can only assume that professional and academic life must be lovely at the moment. I've been keeping sane by reminding myself that at least I'm not this guy... yet:

Now that's both Western civilization and good TV ;)

Jussi Hyttinen said...

What are you doing watching TV on a Saturday night?!

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Because - I have no life. BTW looked at your site, thought it looked ace and I didn't spot a single typo or grammar mistake. Meant to send you an email to say so... sorry!

I'm amazed how quickly it all downloaded as well - pictures and music. My connection can be a bit shonky at times and things can take ages, but your web design works great in that respect!

Jussi Hyttinen said...

Thanks for your comments. Happy to hear it.

Since we're off topic I'll continue: Cameras. Have you heard of the Ricoh Caplio GX100 pocket camera? In a nutshell it's a 10 Mpix 24-72 mm equivalent pocket camera.

It retails at around 350€.

I got one in Jan and have been very pleased thus far. Obviously the sensor has been raped up to 10 Mpix is for customers with an engineering background, but that aside it's a very nice camera. It could be very handy on those one hand photo opportunities or on tight stands....

Anyhow, just thought you might be interested. Maybe UKC has already reached a verdict on it....