Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm in Stockholm. The photo above I took last summer whilst waiting for the ferry back to Finland but is the only relevant one I could get to. This time I flew and the weather isn't quite so good but it's still pretty nice, I went for a stroll from hotel this evening in the sunshine. Stockholm is great, it just reeks of civility and Swedish good order. But it also almost painfully cool. Everyone seems to be cool. I don't know where the uncool people are: perhaps they are made to live outside the city limits or something. Or maybe being uncool is illegal anywhere in Sweden? I don't put any effort into being uncool, there is no honour in geekdom. But then again I don't put as much effort into being cool as I used to. I should, for example, have brought my white Converse trainers that I like to think just hint subtly at Parisian hip-hop, but instead went for comfort and have North Face approach shoes, which dangerously suggest midwestern tourist. Hopefully I won't get arrested for this fashion faux-pas, although I seem to be developing a traditional Finnish inferiority complex to the Swedes and will worry that the cool kids are looking down on my shoes.

Tomorrow will be spent discussing the collapse of internal/external dichotomy in security theory. I trust this will be more fun than it sounds.


Dave C said...

I don't know, maybe Sweden's high suicide rate could help explain the lack of 'uncool' people?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! This is really good. I have not been to Sweden but I can imagine the overwhelming coolness.