Thursday, July 19, 2007

Reason to like the EU...

(photo: glow-in-the-dark-dodgy-Russian-geezer no.1: Andrei Lugovoi)
...the Russians are a bit nervous of it. Gordon Corera, the BBC security correspondent, noted today on Radio 4 that one of the reasons that the Russian government is only taking a "symmetrical" response to the British expulsion of four Russian diplomats, rather than trying to escalate the crisis, is because the EU has backed up the British position. Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign minister, has strongly supported the UK and the current EU chair, Portugal, have likewise released a statement giving official EU support for London's actions.

This isn't really suprising, going back as far as the Falkland's War, the UK has gained important support from its, then, EEC partners; and Finnish relations with Russia were revolutionised by becoming a member in 1995. If you need to pick a fight with a big boy it's always nice to know that your gang is behind you!

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