Friday, July 13, 2007


We are meant to be in the era of Web 2.0, and generally web 2.0 is free. I blog on Blogger for free. I post pictures on Flickr for free. Yahoo mail gives me as much email storage as I want for free. I keep word documents on Google docs for free. I even have a MySpace page which I don't use - for free. Friends reunited isn't free. An old friend sent me an email through the site and I want to reply but I refuse to give the chancers seven quid fifty for the pleasure of doing so! In the case of about 90% of people from the school I went to, I have absolutely no desire to be reunited with them. Plus I don't know how good the internet connection is in prison for some of them. So £7.50 is way to much to email the few people I would like to be in contact with!

So Al, if you read this, either leave a comment here or email me on the address that I left on my Friends-expensively-reunited profile. :-) I spent about half an hour googling your name last night trying to find an email address, but - I'm afraid to say - you have an annoyingly common name so no success!


Rhys Wynne said...

This might sound daft, but have you heard of Facebook?

This is going to kill of Friends Reunited as you can search for anyone via name, school etc and it's free and contact people.

Anonymous said...

It really is appalling (and indeed: annoying) that people have common names. Surely their parents could have anticipated search engines ...

Toby (J.W.F-K)