Monday, July 23, 2007

Promoting underage drinking

Today my three year old son won a litre bottle of Gordon's Gin at a village summer fête on the tombola. Whilst excellent news for his parents who swapped it with him for one biscuit and an extra story before bedtime (the kids will only learn about capitalism by being exploited!), surely this has got to be illegal?

And a big 'Big Up' to all the fire crews, police, ambulance, RAF crews, lifeboat men and assorted others who are getting my home county and neighbouring counties through their "worst ever peacetime disaster" with so far no loss of life. By tomorrow afternoon I should be on a ferry heading for the continent and ultimately home, but there are a lot of people locally who can't pack up and


Katie W said...

Whenever any kids win alcohol at the tombola my parents rescue team runs we insist that the parents come and collect and they have won the prize, after all it's often the parents money anyway! We often give the underage kid something else instead to make up for it!

Jukka said...

I say get 'em into the spirit of it(pun intended) while they're still young. The world would be a much more civilised place if we were all to teach our young how to mix a proper Dry Martini.