Tuesday, May 01, 2007


The current US administration looks ever more like a sinking ship, but at least some are partying hard as it goes down. In the wake of a former senior staff member being convicted of crimes (Libby), and an attorney general (Gonzales), who doesn't seem to be able to recall just about anything he has ever done, putting in performance before Congress that was just embarrassing to watch, we now have the first ever "United States Global AIDS Coordinator with the rank of Ambassador, reporting directly to the Secretary of State", Randall "Randy" Tobias resigning over hiring hookers.

Mr. Tobias is appearing to go for a Clintonesque "but I didn't inhale" defence with the delightful:
He told ABC News that he "had some gals come over to the condo for a massage", but denied having sex with any of them.
It would seem that Randy was just living up to his name.


Bob Hughes said...

Surely not having sex with condo-full of massage girls is positively ascetic.

Keefus said...

Sounds like he's following the administration's line on "abstinence not condoms". :O

KGS said...

The hooker issue pales in comparison to the ineptness of this under achiever. Tobias is a mental midge who should have left government ages ago.

OBTW, the Libby affair contains not an ounce of truth and the man should be released with a forth coming apology. Gonzales is another under achiever, but did nothing wrong. Since all the judges were political appointments, they can be let go under the same considerations.

For crying out loud, Bill Clinton fired over 120 judges upon assuming office. Where was the rage then?

There shouldn't have been any, he was legally within his rights to do so. The liberal press and Democratic hacks want to make any case --no matter how stupid-- a means to attack this president.


On Tuesday, he was interviewed by FOX News' Shepard Smith--the only TV journalist asking any tough questions. Smith reported that all Red Cross and other aid in South Lebanon and other Hezbollah-controlled areas goes straight to Hezbollah. Hezbollah administers it, without any interference--or oversight--from outsiders. That will not change anytime soon.

Smith asked Tobias if he will work directly with Hezbollah to administer the gazillions in U.S. aid now going to "Lebanon." Tobias repeatedly danced around the question and wouldn't answer. That means the answer is a big "Y-E-S."

Guh-reat! The U.S. openly nodding and winking at giving billions of our money to those who tortured and murdered hundreds of Americans and are helping Al-Qaeda continue to do so in Iraq. Brilliant.

Tobias, when he did answer, said something just as frightening. He told Smith that he will work with "NGOs"--Non-Governmental Organizations--to distribute the billions in aid. If lack of oversight of USAID money is a hemorrhaging gash, oversight of NGOs is a mammoth black hole.

But in the U.S., the two biggest U.S.-based NGOs operating in the Islamic world are Islamic "charities" under investigation by several federal agencies for money-laundering to terrorists.

Jukka said...

Randy knew full well that these ladies were proponent's of the oldest trade in history yet all he wanted was a massage? Either he is man with amazing will power or he is a real kinky old so and so. Not that I would have first hand experience... ofcourse not... but if one gets together with a bunch of pros it should be expected that there would be at least some kind of plain vanilla love for hire activities going on.