Friday, May 25, 2007

Places I have been

Another way to waste five minutes - make maps of countries you have visited and decide where your next traveling destinations should be.

Here are mine for the whole world and Europe below that. I really must go to Ireland sometime. Kind of embarrassing not to have visited the neighbours... My rules are you have to clear immigration to have visited the country. Transiting at an airport doesn't count, even if you are stuck at that airport for what feels like days!


Katie W said...

Wow thta's alot more countries than me. I can't get my map to post properly in blogger either, the world after africa has diappeared! By your rules I need to remove my most interesting country, (Qatar) as I only landed there o get a new flight, I think I had my passport checked though so I might have gone through immigration, just never left the airport!

ebygomm said...

You're map doesn't show properly because it's too big, you need some additional code other than the stuff that's automatically generated.

Add the following between the " and the >

width="600" height="334"

e.g.< img src="" width="600" height="334" >

you might need to mess around with the sizes depending on the your webpage

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Ebygomm - thanks for tip. Oddly it had looked ok on my computer but then I noticed I had chopped off New Zealand and as that's about as far as I have got I don't want that!