Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bleeding hands

***Updated with more gore! See below***

My better half recently told me that posting pictures of my 1) bleeding 2) hands after rock climbing was "sad". She is probably right as she usually is. So I was greatly pleased to stumble across another climbing blogger who is also posting various pics of her bleeding hands. Excellent! I'm not alone.

So big-up to "Alpine Dreams of a Desk Monkey" for making feel slightly less weird.

Perhaps we can start some sort of blog-based-bleeding-knuckle-support-group? Whose scabs heal the quickest? How to resist picking them? That sort of thing. Anybody else who feels the urge to share their bleeding digits with the world is most welcome to join.

***11th May Update - Emma at "Alpine Dreams of a Desk Monkey" has pointed me toward further spilled blood and damaged fingers - only this time it's famous Scottish climbing blood! Dave Redpath, one of Scotland's hardest sport climbers, is coming close on his very hard project at the Anvil at Lochgoilhead before it made life harder for him by trying to bite his finger off. See the resulting bloody-flapper, and a splatter pattern worthy of CSI, on the Hotaches blog. I hope it's healing well Dave, and you can send soon before the midges become too hellish!***


Katie W said...

Unfortunately my damage from bouldering this weekend is nearly healed or I'd support you! Mine is right by my wrists (both hands!) though in a slightly odd manner.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Must have been either a) minor damage, or b) that you can resist the picking-the-scabs temptation to have healed this fast Katie! Anyway next time - remember: as soon as you see some blood get your camera out and then blog it. I have a feeling it's going to be this summers' "in thing". ;-)

Hot Aches said...

Seems you're not alone Toby, in your appreciation of a nice bit of blood spilt in the name of climbing. So some more gory pics are up on the Hot Aches blog.


bluebrad said...

Another jamming wounds picture for you...