Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good people

The world can be a really depressing place if you listen to/read/watch too much news like I have a habit of doing, so its always nice to hear something that is the opposite. I just heard a short piece on the radio about this years winners of the "Purpose Prize", which to be blunt is given to old American folk who do really great stuff. I had only heard of one of the winners, Judea Pearl - father of the Journalist Daniel Pearl who was murdered by Jihadis in Pakistan. Pearl along with a former Pakistani government official, Akbar Ahmad, have started an organisation to commemorate his son by promoting understanding between Jews and Muslims, something that is sorely needed these days. But all the other prize winners have good stories to tell.

So if you wonder why you only hear about the angry or the despairing or bad, here's a happier story (see the report in the Washington Post on the prize or a PDF of the prize winners from the body that gives the award).

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