Thursday, September 21, 2006

Big ship, little ship

I've have had a print-out of this picture on my office wall for some time - and whilst staring at the wall whilst avoiding doing any work I suddenly thought I should blog it. I think I once used the picture in a lecture although I can't remember on what. Scribbled on the print-out is the following:
"Left: a US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The United States has ten of these. Right: an Invicible -class carrier of the Royal Navy - the largest ship in the Royal Navy. The UK has three of these."
I'm sure you get the point.

For any ship-spotters out there, the US carrier is the USS John C. Stennis and the UK one, HMS Illustrious.

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KGS said...

I appreciate this particular post, I was former sailor on the USS Dewey DDG 45(79-81), and remember being allong side the USS Saratoga at sea, its size was indeed intimidating.