Monday, August 07, 2006

News from Lebanese TV

Marion just texted me - Lebanese TV has just had an announcement from the Lebanese Prime Minister that 15,000 Lebanese army troops will be deployed to the south as soon as Israel withdraws. Google news doesn't even have much on this yet but here's a wire report in the Bangkok Post that says pretty much the same.

Context? Well hopefully this could be the beginning of the end. Of course if the Israelis continue operations the Lebanese govt. doesn't have to act, but if Israel does pull back to the border and the Lebanese Army does go in this will be first time that the Lebanese govt. will have exerted full control over the south, which had been pretty much left to Hezbollah. The Lebanese govt. has been over a barrel to a certain degree knowing it doesn't have the power to face down Hezbollah militarily, but this announcement suggests that there might be an agreement between it and Hezbollah. Who knows, but fingers crossed.

Update: a second text message! Marion adds the pro-Hezbollah Shiite members of the government have agreed to this step which has to be seen a good thing.

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KGS said...

Finnish MFA/EU Presidency/UPI view on the Lebanese/Israel conflict;

1.)Israel's campaign against the Hezbollah has driven civilians to the point that they now are clearly partial to Hezbollah in its efforts against Israel.

2.)Israel is now to trust in the 15 000 Lebanese army contingent to ensure peace and tranquility on its northern border.

Somehow, it hasn't occured to the said parties, that if proposition (1) is true, then proposition (2) cannot be.