Monday, August 28, 2006

Birmingham - European cultural hub

The Complaints Choir of Birmingham

For those who haven't seen it, you must watch the brilliant "Complaints Choir of Birmingham" (or click here for a pop-up quicktime version). I first saw it as an installation at the Kiasma - the Finnish modern art museum - back in the depths of winter. I'm not very 'in to' modern art, we must have gone with visitors, but Brummies complaining to music was worth the five euros entrance on its own.

Helsinki and somewhere in Germany have since copied the Birmingham original doing their own versions, and with imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, this clearly demonstrates that Brum is a European cultural powerhouse... at least when it comes to moaning. As a West Midlander myself, I feel very very proud.

Here is the Finnish one with subtitles:

Thanks to Phil at Finland for Thought for reminding me about this.

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This might be old news, but in case you haven't seen it: