Friday, November 05, 2010

Urban climbing: Stockholm

Just in case you ever wondered, yes it is possible to go climbing in Stockholm, in November, in the dark. The crag, Münchenbryggeriet, might never make it on to the list world must-visit climbing destinations, being in a car park and all, but the streetlights help light it up and the view is pretty cool once you get passed the whole “I’m in car park” thing. It is also just five minutes stroll from the metro stop and what I’m reliably informed is the second best pub in Sweden. Thanks to Tomas at Scandinavian Hiking, and Tomas’ mate Brian for allowing themselves to get involved in such a ridiculous idea and making a visiting climbing-blogger very happy. Cheers fellas.

I think we climbed Borgila, 5c, and Viking, 5c, although I'm not completely certain. They felt pretty easy at that grade, let alone the 6a they both get on this website, considering it was dark, cold, slightly damp and starting to rain!

A crag in a car park

A great view across autumnal Stockholm

Alternative silly ways to spend your time in Stockholm: drinking vodka mixers out of large ice cubes inside an artfully decorated industrial freezer. I'd find someone else to pay for that one though.

Absolutely over priced, but - hey - it comes in a big ice cube.

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