Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting excited about winter

When cheapish, usable helmet cams first came out, I thought they were really smart. Some amazing footage has been captured with them. But because they are cheap and usable, perhaps I've been pigging out a bit too much watching other peoples' skiing or climbing clips from them. Sometimes the angle can even make you feel a bit sea sick. Having said all that, his little film below, that I found on the website of the Norwegian equipment company Norrøna, is great. It helps that I know exactly where they are on Lofoten, I've climbed the classic rock route that goes up the face next to that gully and I think friends have climbed that couloir itself, but nevertheless it's a great bit footage. Note them checking the snowpack stability at a number of points - that's having your head well screwed on.

And for more inspiring Northern Norway landscapes and fantastic looking skiing, just ignore the advertising bits and enjoy this other lovely film from Norrøna.

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