Thursday, May 06, 2010

Time to vote folks

I started writing so much more, but I'll just let Gordon speak for himself:

Have a great election day everyone in the UK - whoever you vote for.

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otyikondo said...

Not a bad speech from a quite fired-up Gordon. But he's gone and fallen on his sword now, because - I can only presume - all is not believed to be totally hunky-dory in the talks between the Airbrushed One and Cleggers, and Labour see an opening, but Gordon is of course "Not Wanted on Voyage". The Lib-Lab cosying was much to the displeasure of the odious Adam Boulton (SkyNews have the lovely but rather dim Kay Burley and the unlovely and blue-blinkered Burly A. in their team), who completely lost his rag on live TV with Alastair Campbell today. I know Alastair can be irritating, but for an experienced journalist to spit out his dummy in such a fashion suggests perhaps Boulton's not been been getting enough sleep lately. Or perhaps just not getting enough. Frankly, I hope they sack the pompous windbag in the public interest AND his own - one more scene like that (he was more purple-countenanced than Sir Alex Ferguson) and he will pop an aneurysm. Now THAT would be real television.