Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't remember his name

Stephen Griffiths is a violent criminal and nothing more. The accused murderer of three Bradford sex-workers has been dubbed by the tabloid press as the "Crossbow Canibal" and this was the name he gave the judge when being charged today. This man was studying serial killers as part of a postgraduate criminology course and, it would appear, was obsessed with the mystique given to people who kill others. But he should not be given the notoriety that he seeks - no monikers, no fuss. His name is Stephen Griffiths, he needs no other. He did nothing remarkable or noteworthy - he victimised the most easily victimised - those that society protects and worries about the least. He shows that evil can also be pathetic. He stands accused of taking the life of three people who did absolutely nothing to deserve it. If found guilty, we should remember his victims: Suzanne Blamires, Shelley Armitage, and Susan Rushworth and their families that mourn them. His unremarkable name should remain that. He deserves no more.


Instant Kaamos said...

I remember the same point being made when the police was hunting for the so-called 'Yorkshire Ripper'. Someone wisely suggested that the press should start referring to the then unknown killer as the "Yorkshire Worm".

Another issue for the media is to ask why they feel the need to constantly repeat that the victims were prostitutes. It's very hard not to get the impression of an implied judgement on the women -- i.e. they somehow brought it upon themselves. Very sad.

Jim said...

Good post Toby. Agree completely: starve him of publicity.

While I can understand elements of the print media thinking they can use things like this "Cannibal" nonsense to flog papers, it's depressing to see BBC falling in with them.

Masood said...

Absolutely agree. Let us identify him as what he is - a cowardly bully who preyed on the weak and defenceless.