Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas everybody who drops by here from time to time, for whatever reason. Apologies for it being a day late but I'm sure everyone has better things to be doing on Christmas day than idly web-surfing.

Looking across the Severn Valley

A Christmas tree

I've done a Christmas day jog video for the last two years (2006; 2007) so that's a virtual tradition in blogdom. Therefore I felt obliged to get out yesterday and make it three in a row. No one wanted to come with me, so it stars only my feet.

Christmas Day Running from Toby A. on Vimeo.

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Tony said...

Thought you'd want an ice update.

We drove from Jyvaskyla to Helsinki today. It's looking wintry in Jyvaskyla but not in Helsinki. The temperatures have been just above freezing and just below freezing respectively. There is reasonable ice on the E75 just North of Lahti. It's leadable on stubby screws and slings around fragile pillars, but would be nervy.