Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Worcestershire

Christmas Day dawned rainy and gray but it began to lift so we went out for a run. Following on from last years "tradition" I YouTubed it - see below. This afternoon the sun actually came out s we went out for a walk. Some photos of wintery Worcestershire follow. Hope all celebrating had a great day.

A damp Christmas morning in Worcestershire

Running across a muddy field and using a camera is tricky

Surprisingly un-muddy shoes

Looking northeast towards the Black Country

The church at dusk

South across the fields

Sunset over Walgrove Hill


Toque said...

Great photos Toby. I arrived here via the 'What is Englishness?' debate that you initiated on Open Source, and I'd like to invite you to write an essay for What England Means to Me

Anonymous said...

How does it feel without snow and frost? The landscapes look (=looked) fabulous though.