Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things I didn't know before today #1

There are more Christians in India (2.3% of the population) than Sikhs (1.9%).

This fact was delivered by an Indian Colonel with a moustache as resplendent as only an Indian officer could get away with and therefore I really feel I don't need to check it on Wikipedia. I had always thought that Sikhs were a much bigger part of the Indian population, but this might have been skewed by the fact all the Indians I knew growing up were Sikh. If there is lesson to be learned here, it is probably that one shouldn't base a demographic analysis of the Indian subcontinent on the evidence of your dad's Brummie work mates. But perhaps you already knew that.

Anyways, this factoid is perhaps the first in an irregular series in a you-learn-something-new-every-day vein if a) I remember and b) learn something new once in while.

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