Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Listing good intentions

I enjoy blogging and I'm constantly amazed and grateful that people visit and read, but sometimes I'm just knackered and don't have chance to write. So things I've wanted to blog about in the last few days but haven't had time:
  • The Wire - we've just started watching season 5. It's just so good.
  • Finnish Trains - no Mussolini needed here.
  • How the Finnish media can't get its head around immigrants and foreigners not necessarily being the same thing in covering the upcoming local elections.
  • Finnish attitudes to Black Finns. Not good at all.
  • Voter caging in the U.S. election - a case of if you make a big enough fuss about a non-existent scandal people might not see the real scandal.
  • Bike lights.
  • The effect of the financial crisis on firms that related to mountaineering.
I have something to say on all of these, and no time to say it. My apologies dear readers. Another time.


Quizbo said...


Sorry... just another Wire fan excited about the greatest show ever put on TV.

Tony and Anni said...

Do you have time for one?

Can we vote? I don't mean in the local elections but for which one you cover. In which case the foreigner immigrant not being the same thing in the upcoming local election would be my vote.