Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shalom Auslander - I want that name

Even if he does write odd things about hamsters, I think Shalom Auslander has the coolest name on contemporary radio. It somehow seems to sum up huge chunks of modern European, Middle Eastern and North American history in just two words.

Despite the great name I think he might be quite strange chap. I think I need to buy the book. I'll report back. I wonder if Shalom knows that Stourbridge's finest, Pop Will Eat Itself, did a song for him years ago?


Ben Buckland said...

Methinks Auslander has a bit of competition for the coolest name title. Somehow radio seems to be a genre that attracts the oddly named. Garrison Keillor? Ira Glass? Melvyn Bragg?

Anonymous said...

Hyvää vappua!