Monday, November 26, 2007

Moderate (looking) Nazis

I've written a bit about far right parties in Europe recently, mainly about ones that are trying to change their image. But the BBC's "Crossing Continents" has an excellent programme on the NPD in Germany, a party that isn't running from its historical ancestors in the slightest. Very interesting and worrying listening. Download it whilst you can because I think it might only be available for a few more days.


Jody said...

A rather one-point program. AlsoT they did come across as trying to change their image, e.g. more women. However, their point that they were not Nazis because 'today the environment and challenges are different to what they were 50years ago', only re-enforced the fact that they are.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

I think the point that they have very successfully played on socio-economic weakness in certain regions, and did that openly and shamelessly, came through well. It's worrying that they openly do this - but still gain support. Perhaps the case of the East Germany is unique though, as it is the only bit of the the old "Eastern Europe" to have been drawn into an old "Western Europe" country.

Jody said...

The point: Neglection leads to frustration leads to a breeding ground for extreme 'tribes' (religion, politics, gangs). Solve the core neglection with something tangible (e.g. jobs) and you cut the supply.

More worrying I think are those extreme tribes whose members are not at all neglected but rather well off (e.g. certain American Evangelists).

KGS said...

It would be a breath of fresh air if the Left would own up to the fact that their ideological fore fathers of the Communist/socialist movement gave birth to the Nazis.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Jody - Cut the supply maybe, but like you say it never seems to dry up completely.

KGS - what you mean like Plato and Jesus?

Stalinism, Nazism, Scottish Liberalism, Swedish Social Democracy, French Republicanism, Italian Anarchism, U.S. Republicanism and Latin American Catholic Liberation Theology all share the same roots, as well as most of the other political ideologies and movement that originated in Europe. Trying to blame any one group for the Nazis is just silly partisanship or ignorance of history.

But the Chinese are pretty much in the clear.

KGS said...

Nah, just the recent 130 years or so will do nicely, thank you.

You can't even bring yourself to admit what recently fathered what?

KGS said...

Actually trying to minimize the role Communist/Socialism played in creating Nationalist socialism is silly partisanship and ignorance of history.

Arjen said...

Can't listen to the BBC podcast anymore... boo!

The case with the former DDR is really complicated... I'm living here for more than a year now, and still don't really get.

Unfortunately has my city (Jena) been the centre of extreme-right twice this year, and I heard from people that the NPD is really strong the poorer places in the Easy, especially in Sachsen. The thing is, that during the DRR regime there were youth clubs and what-do-I-know, and the NPD has started to take these over, and recruit young people this way. Strangely enough does it not have anything to do with the old communist thing, the Nazi's hate the communists, and some people here said that during the DDR, these people would have been locked away, and that that was maybe not a bad idea.
Its funny though, in The Netherlands (where I come from) a nazi-demo would not attract too much attention and people would largely ignore them... here, during the Fest der Völker there was an unprecedented amount of police, the nazi's had to be protected, and the whole festival was delayed by 3h cause there were lots and lots of people sitting on the streets. Made an interesting day.