Monday, November 12, 2007

Keep Finland Tidy

I always used to think that Finns were good at not littering. Helsinki is definitely much better in terms of litter than a comparable sized British city. But then I moved to the edge of the city, and cycling around the area I've started noticing huge amounts of fly tipping goes on. There are loads of recycling places all over the city where you can take your junk, so presumably some people just enjoy driving out to the first bit of countryside they get to, finding a track to drive down and then chucking their crap out into the woods.

Need a new TV anyone?

Or perhaps an oven?

Time for an oil change!


So to all flytippers out there, a friendly message just for you. Fuck you, you scummy bastards.

And then here's my attempt at self filming mountain biking. Cycling one handed down a bumpy track whilst trying to film with camera-phone wasn't the greatest success.


Anonymous said...

This just makes me sad and angry. Why can't these people just call their local recycling center and ask for them to come pick up their used ovens, tvs etc. instead of dumping them in the middle of nowhere.

Elaine said...

Just drive around Finland and you'll see just how dirty the countryside really is along with deforestation and abandoned cars along the roadside. It's very depressing.

Quizbo said...

Strange, it would almost seem like more effort to take this stuff out to the countryside and dump it. Perhaps the last photo is actually the remains of a giant party. God knows I like to lug a couch and washing machine out into the woods for a good time.

As for your biking vid, it makes me nervous just watching it. I think it's time for you to rig up a helmet cam... then we can get ice climbing tips as well : )