Wednesday, August 01, 2007

An administration weaving all over the road

Most people know that President Bush got arrested for drink driving in his younger, more louche, pre-politics days. Indeed many journalists are arguing that Attorney General Gonzales only remains the attorney general, because he has always been Bush's personal lawyer and hence knows where the bodies are buried (not literally of course). So despite Alberto's first performance before the Congress back in the spring being compared by even a Republican to "clubbing a baby seal" (although let us note: the baby seals are innocent), he remains both the senior law enforcer in the United States and a national embarrassment. But whilst Bush's crimes are well known, I hadn't heard before that Dick Cheney had also been arrested for drink driving. Twice.

From Lexington in the week's Economist:
He found himself, in his early 20s, alone in a cell after his second arrest for drunk driving, wondering what to do with his life. (p.48)
There are many around the world who might wish he had sobered up before coming to his decision.

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