Thursday, April 06, 2006

You learn something new every day: the Anti-Germans

Did you know that there was an extreme left, anti-fascist, anti-German, movement of Germans? No, nor did I. It's probably six blokes and a couple of dogs who never get far out of their Berlin pub, but no matter - they have a sense of humour:

Being English I find it slightly uncomfortable to find that as funny as I do, but never mind – that’s just the post-imperial guilt speaking. Could it all be an elaborate urban-art-guerrilla joke? I hope not as that wouldn’t be nearly so fun.

If anyone can't make out the lyrics on the first listen (or doesn't have broadband), it's basically:

there were ten(9/8/7/6...) German bombers in the air...
Then the RAF from England shot them down...

This is sung loudly with a German accent.

First spotted on Harry's Place.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they're German?

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog so my comment comes a bit late. However, I've met some Anti-Germans while doing my exchange year in Berlin.

Have to say that they truly are funny people yet sometimes quite aggressive. The group itself is not very big but they tend stir up trouble at least in both Berlin unis at all political gatherings.

The group is also very Pro-Israel which brings them in to collision course with all other extrem-left groups.

My best experience with AG's was when they started throwing eggs at a anti-war meeting. They were protesting against one speaker who was very negative towards Israel. After a few minutes of egg throwing they got kicked out but of course a small punch up was organised outside later. Lovely people.