Thursday, April 13, 2006

More on Chad - update "...with all the coups and stuff..."

I should read my own sources before posing questions. The Washington Post article I referenced from last July notes the following:

"The U.S.-trained battalion is commanded by Deby's nephew, Maj. Hardja Idriss, and is part of a regiment assigned to protect an authoritarian and the increasingly unpopular president. Deby survived an attempted coup last year, and his grip on power remains fragile. "It just makes sense. They're the president's guard, and in this region, will all the coups and stuff, you'd want them the best trained" said Capt. Jason, the [U.S. military training] team leader."

Some refreshing honesty there from Capt. Jason! I guess that pretty much answers my question on who's side the U.S. trained troops will be on.

Deby is still saying he is in control despite the fighting in N'Djamena.

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