Thursday, June 09, 2011

A Swedish underwear endorsement for the Slate Culture Gabfest

If you don't listen to the Slate Culture Gabfest, the following won't make much sense, but I need to put it here as it wouldn't fit on their Facebook page.

Just for Steve and the Culture Gabfest's distant voiced producer - a Swedish underwear endorsement. And you have to understand Biltema, the Swedish-based but now trans-Nordic automotive, DIY (and just about everything else one needs) big box store that sells these very comfortable, hard wearing and excellent priced (€9 for a pack of three!) undies is not some fancy-pants hipster brand that will have a shop in lower Manhattan. No! Biltema is the natural environment of the troubled Nordic working man and will be found next to the motorways, in the drab, industrial outskirts of numerous Scandinavian cities.

If Biltema ever comes to the US, I presume they would open their first store somewhere in New Jersey. To understand Biltema is to understand the crisis of the Nordic welfare model and the crisis of Scandinavian masculinity; whilst simultaneously getting comfortable and excellently priced underwear. And in this sense I thought would appeal to Steve hugely.

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