Wednesday, April 06, 2011

2011 Rock On

First rock climbing of the year today; well bouldering actually, but that still counts. Venue: Pihlajamäki, quick drying and convenient, which are probably the strongest points it has going for it! Actually, it was good fun, in a don't-fall-off-into-the-muddy-puddle-of-meltwater sort of way. Roll on summer and the real crags drying out.

The urban 'delights' of Pihlajamäki - spot the climbers above the give way sign.

I'm 'crag pack' reviewing this spring. The just arrived Black Diamond Demon Duffel gets it first outing.

Me actually about to send "Bungalow" 5+, which was nice.

Eärendel on a 4+, Tony and Erik try and spot the holds on their 7A.

Having found the holds, Erik now tries to hold on to them.

Trash, soggy snow, and views of tower blocks. You've just got love "Pihlis"!

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