Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi all, and Happy New Year! Life changes, life goes on - I think this year I'll have more time for blogging, so hopefully if you keep dropping by from time to time there will be more regular random scatterings of my thoughts and photos to amuse, bemuse or annoy you.

Thought for the day: isn't it a bit depressing that we have to have the following entire section in bookshops nowadays?

But never mind, the world is still lovely at times. Here for your delectation is a delightful, wintery, English rural scene. The ducks waddled off just before I snapped it though, so apologies for the lack of suitable waterfowl.

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Anonymous said...

Have you managed to miss the Miz-lit phenomenon. As a librarian, I've often speculated about why people queue up for books like "Ugly" and "A Child Called It". The typical reader is a woman in her early twenties and I wonder if they read them to make themselves feel better about their own childhoods.