Thursday, September 23, 2010

If Christine O'Donnell didn't exist we would have to invent her

The more I read about Christine O'Donnell the more I think she is great. American politics is just so much more fun than British or Finnish politics. She's kind of cute and she is famous for masturbation (I don't even know how to make a smutty joke out of that, but don't worry the Bugle had already won that race to the bottom last weekend) and she was into witchcraft, she had date on a occult alter or something, but she is also a conservative Christian, but she perhaps has or hasn't paid all her bills. What character! What flair!

We have lots of Finnish politicians who may or may not have been up to financial shenanigans, but that's always the lead. It's not, like, the fourth point of interest, only after a spooky resemblance to Sarah Palin, masturbation and witchcraft.

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So Christine O'Donnell, we salute you. You might be completely nuts and a bit scary, but you brighten up the day.


KGS said...

Eh.... when the source for all the nonsense surrounding Christine O'Donnell comes from the Lib-Left MSM, of course it's poke and rib time.

I just wonder where the Lib-Left MSM were when the young senator from Illinois started running for the US presidency. It cared little for the story of how he sat in a black nationalist church for 20 yrs, or of his affiliations with an unrepentant terrorist and his other marxist pals.

Yep, I can stomach a staunch conservative constitutionalist who believes in limited government fighting for the seat of a former senator who is a bleeding moron and plagiarist.

Joe Biden has to be one of the more incoherent and stupid Democrat politicians ever to disgrace the halls of congress.

And O'Donnell is cause for laughter and scepticism?, on the contrary.

It's the statist driven Democrats with Joe 'plugs' Biden leading their charge, propped up by the lame left media and their not-so-clever comedian hit squad, like John Leibowitz of the Daily Show.


Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Well actually all the fun witchcraft stuff came from her own mouth. Her financial mismanagement and problems seems to be the stuff that the media has managed to dig up without her help.

otyikondo said...

I guess this means we can't pencil in KGS for the pro-masturbation vote?

KGS said...

Well Ted Kennedy dabbled in Chappaquiddik and we see how the media soft played that one. Face it, the lib-media is heavily biased and aren't afraid to show it.

This is a much to do about nothing story.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Of course it's a nothing story, that's why its so fun. But no one can accuse you of not taking things seriously though!