Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A good day for riding

I went to and from work on the bike today. The sun was out and as I was coming along next to the sea in downtown Helsinki this morning, a weird sea mist was rolling in - see the video above - somehow it was really mellow although you half expected to see a ghostly pirate ship come sailing out of the fog bank. I road home at 10 pm, the sun had set but only just and a nearly full moon shone brightly on my back as I traveled North. It was quiet and cool and air full of smells. Winter is great but it doesn't smell of much. I guess the snow blankets many of them plus the freezing temperatures limit the circulation in the air of other molecules that provide scent. Winter has sounds, the crunch and creak of snow, the cracking of tree sap as it freezes, but spring and early summer is full of smells. Good smells and bad smells, it's all part of the richness of life emerging again.