Monday, February 08, 2010

It keeps on snowing

Snowy Helsinki from Toby A. on Vimeo.

It's calming isn't it?

Helsinki has lots and lots of snow. I've had snowshoes for about the last five years but they've had as much use this year as the last four added together. Getting to the cliff yesterday was a bit of an epic wade out of what should be a ten minute stroll.

Snowshoe tracks. This was actually a couple of weeks back, but I was too knackered to take photos whilst wading yesterday, or at least until I made it back to the road.

Made it. Back at the car: a nice sit down and a cuppa


Tony said...

It's not calming when it's your week to shovel. I swear, shoveling snow when there is limited space to put it is a better workout for your core than steep bouldering. Can we have no more snow this week please?

Anonymous said...

Spare a thought for the poor guy who did the same walk without ski poles or snow shoes! It got so ridiculous at times wading through waist deep snow with a heavy Pac on that it became funny. Especially, when every tree I used for support (and I used a lot) dumped a load of snow on my head :).



Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Was it worse going back? You seemed to be cruising along fine behind me on the way in - I was actually wondering if the snowshoes were helping at all, particularly when they get jammed under branches you can't see beneath the snow! But I guess you had an extra rope coming back. I do like the image of you going from tree to tree and each one dumping snow on you! :-)

Did you notice what looked like huge dog (wolf?!) tracks back near the cars? Something very big but with claws!

Anonymous said...

Yeap, coming back was a killer. Tired legs, more weight, and the fact the snow was more broken from our initial tracks. On the way there I was able to step in your snowshoe compacted tracks, not so on the way back.

I did'nt see any tracks through my sweat blurred eyes.



Climate Morio said...

But global warming is still real!