Monday, January 18, 2010

Angelniemi ice

A few pictures from climbing at Angelniemi on Sunday.

Choose your weapon

Jody on the steep

Dave cruising the hack

Dave's collections of comedy runners (look carefully, yes- that is a tied-off downward pointing dead branch)


Anonymous said...

Just a heads up that someone at slouppi posted that the landowner at Angelniemi was not happy about some ice climbers (?) that had walked on and ruined their skiing tracks. See post here:

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Thanks for that, we were there on Sunday and saw one woman ski past, but I don't actually remember any obvious tracks. You would hope that if climbers just jump over any obvious tracks everyone could co-exist. The main tracks in the field were where people had been messing about with snow mobiles by the look of it. That would mess up a ski track a lot more than half a dozen people crossing a field.

Anonymous said...

I think they had used the snowmobile to make the tracks. A common way to make skiing tracks is to pull a heavy sledge with two skis with the snowmobile, so that you simply get both the ski tracks and good even snow at the sides for your ski poles (or whatever they are called).