Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Kauhala-Kakarsberget photos.

I went back to Kakarsberget in Kauhala today for another session of getting exhausted pulling on sharp little holds. It felt autumnal with yellow leaves swirling down from the birch trees although you could still climb in a t-shirt.

This video clip is of Dave on a great little trad route called Muuvipeikko, Finnish 5- or about British VS 4c.

Below are a couple of photos of the route. It's a really good one.

Muuvipeikko 5-

The crux of Muuvipeikko

I also tried to repeat a new route called "the Pool Cleaner Guy". It's meant to be 5 (about HVS) but I hope it's harder than that because I got spanked on my onsight and eventually had to grab a bit of gear - a 3CU that totally surprised me by actually staying in. After lowering off, Dave went up and did it and found more hard moves and not completely convincing gear to go with it. I reckon at least 5+ but maybe even a touch harder - a very nice route though that goes from big burly fist cracks down at the bottom, to delicate finger tips up at the top.

Dave at the crux of The Pool Cleaner Guy (5+?)


Tony said...

Any idea who the pool cleaner guy is or where the route got its name from?

MikkoP said...

It seems that Muuvipeikko gets pretty dirty very fast. I have brushed it once after opening and it is already green.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Mikko - it's fine! Maybe my camera makes it look greener than it really is or something, but it was nice and clean on Sunday. We did it first and other routes had damp patches on them from the rain the night before, but Muuvipeikko was basically dry. I really think it is one of the nicest routes there.

Tony - the route was done by Jonas B. he left a comment here the other week so perhaps if sees this he can explain. I was thinking of a(nother) crap Jim Carey film, but I think that was the Cable Guy... :-)

Anonymous said...

Boy, you innocent minds. A porn reference I think.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

I also thought porn but didn't want to admit to it... :-)

Tony said...

I had wondered if he was a post-election Joe the plumber who, under Obama's health care reforms, was unable to get his gonorrhea treated. I was expecting Toby to ask where I'd been for the last months and why I hadn't followed the news (apart from BBC's science and technology and football sections!)