Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finns and fixed gears

Finns are really good at fads. When something becomes fashionable you have to go all out - adopt everything; the whole culture around that trend. When I first moved here, it was in-line skates - but you had to skate with full pads -knees, elbows, wrists, helmet. If you're a 15 year old suburban boy, you can't just listen to a bit of hiphop, you have to go for the whole wigga ensemble, right down the a coloured bandanna in the back pocket of your ridiculously overpriced baggy jeans. I've often wondered it that would get you shot in South Central, but more likely just heartily laughed at. And pole walkers - they need (along with dubiously coloured shell suits) special pole walking shoes, which somehow are different to trainers in ways I can't work out besides colour. And this year it's fixie riders. I went past a guy on fixie (up hill obviously) the other day with cards in his wheels and drainpipe jeans. Is there a fixie kit you can buy somewhere that provides everything you need to look like a cliché? Perhaps they just all follow the fashion tips from the fixed gear blog - which is of course based in Helsinki. I shouldn't be snide - it's excellent that bikes are cool and people are out riding - plus if I hadn't seen the fixie boys and girls all around this summer - this:

wouldn't be as delightfully funny. Nuff respect to MC Spandex.

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