Friday, July 31, 2009

More stupidnomics

Yet more evidence of the Finnish grocery market not really seeming to get market principles (for earlier stupidnomics see here):

Buy a bottle of Upcider for EUR 2.12 - a unit price of EUR 3.84 a litre; or...

Buy a four pack of Upcider for EUR 8.49 - a unit price of 3.85 a litre. So that's a bargain isn't it?

On second thoughts, don't buy any upcider at all because it has a nasty, sticky, synthetic flavour and basically tastes like crap.


Jonas said...

Unfortunately they changed the law some time ago (maybe 2 years ago?) so that it is forbidden to give volume discounts on alcohol. So by law 1 Upcider has to cost the same (by volume) as a 4-pack. The idea is of course to not encourage people to buy more alcohol than they really need. That's also why they don't sell crates of 24 beers anymore.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

But here it is actually more to buy the multipack that four single ones, that's what is so nuts. I know about the law change although you can still buy the flatpacks of cans in Citymarket I'm pretty sure. I think they are 24 cans aren't they? And Olvi 12 packs still seem to be cheaper than any other, so they must have just dropped the price of single bottles of Olvi.