Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brussels blogging

It's a grand place.

Beer and food - Brussels at its best

Le Perroquet - a restaurant with dozens of different types of tasty pitas but completely indifferent service!

Taking chocolate to fetish levels

Somehow even the logo looks amateurish, hmmm....

Police van with lots riot shields in the middle of Saturday afternoon shoppers - they were very rowdy shoppers though.


Jukka said...

Bad weather weekend that. We were there as well with the whole family, we had my son's christening there. Did you visit Waterstones? Great bookshop that.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

No - where is Waterstones? Useful for future visits.

We hid from the rain in an Asturian bar, that's the region of Spain that my Brussels based mate comes from. We got treated very well there but it did seem odd using my Spanish (which doesn't extend much beyond saying "gracias!") in Francophone city.

Jukka said...