Sunday, November 16, 2008

A (no) climbing post

Jody, failing to tick November by a couple of days - on "Indiana Jones" 5+ at Solvalla

I was ill last weekend so that doesn't count, but I didn't climb the weekend before that, and the weather has been pish this weekend, so this is the third weekend in a row when I haven't climbed. Not that I'm counting or anything. I actually climbed quite well last time we were out (photo above) - at least by my rather hopeless normal standards . I even onsighted a route that needs a little dyno (well, 'lunge' to be technically accurate but that doesn't sound as good) in the middle. I quite shocked myself firstly by going for, secondly by hitting the crux hold, and thirdly by actually hanging it. After that I just kept going in surprise.

In past years I would have been getting all excited about the possibility of the freeze starting soon and the icefalls forming - but after the last two globally-warmed winters, I'm not holding my breath. Because Tony and I managed to rock climb outside in both January and February this year during the pathetically short and mild winter, we sort of discussed the idea of trying to go rock climbing outside during every consecutive month of the year (I have now done this from Nov. 07 to Oct. 08, but we felt that it would be more symbolic to rock climb every month of one year - i.e. 2008). Tony 'ticked' November during the first weekend of the month, but I was drinking with the Conservatives that weekend so missed out. Now I feel I have to get out and at least do one route, even if its an easy rubbish one, just so I can say that I have. Of course if the weather would like to act traditionally and start snowing and freezing - I won't complain if I fail in this rather sad quest.

On a vaguely related note; I've been told by mate that the new Finnish guidebook has finally been published and that I have a number of photos in it. This is good, although it would have been nice if the editor had informed the contributing photographers of either of these facts! I can't find any mention of the book on likely websites - although this could well be due to my hopeless Finnish. If any Finnish climbers reading this know if they're advertising the new guide anywhere - please leave me a comment as to where. Cheers. Now I have to decide whether I'm willing to pay the extortionate price of EUR 40 to see my own photos in print!


Jonas said...

According to the ad in the latest Kiipeily-magazine, the book will be out in the beginning of December. I guess it will be available at least in Camu and probably Kiipeilykeskus as well.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Thanks Jonas. Jody bought a copy in Tapanila on saturday morning so they are there at least. I'll look in Camu.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing sad about climbing in every calendar month of 2008. I happen to think it is a worthwhile and fruitful undertaking. I'm sure you will too as soon as you tick November. :)