Saturday, December 23, 2006

Northern Light on the London Eye

We managed to arrive in the UK for Christmas just before the fog that has closed or slowed virtually all the airports from London to Southern Scotland rolled in causing travel chaos. Our day in London was suprisingly sunny considering the chaos that was happening ten miles to the west at Heathrow. Below are some snaps to keep my loyal readers amused until I think of something more profound to write about.

Some dapper London gent shows his Bolivarian sympathies, with Tower Bridge in the background.

Chilly, but presumably preferable to getting shot at in Basra or Kandahar.

Up and away on the London Eye, the South Bank of the Thames visible below.

Westminster through the Eye.

The pod behind.

A very misty Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.

That's about it really, I'm now on holiday so my brain is seems to be going on strike and I can't think of anything interesting to blog about: "Christmas is coming and my brain is getting fat, please put an interesting thought inside my hat." I was mildly amused that the Guardian has managed to find out that a leading dancer in the English National Ballet has fascist leanings, or as the Mirror much more punchily puts it, is a "BNP Ballerina". Listening to the podcast of last week's On The Media from NPR and WNYC I also excitedly thought that I might afterall be part of a repressed and distrusted minority as I listened to their piece on how everybody is scared of atheists, but they were talking about the States. But with unfortunate timing today's Guardian suggest that unless I migrate across the pond it would appear that I'm still rather boringly part of the British mainstream in my (non)religious leanings.

Nevermind. I'll sing a few Christmas carols and bemoan in a slightly ironic manner the fact that consumerism is spoiling the true message of Christmas. Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas everybody.

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Dave C said...

Interestingly, Australia is something of a half-way house between the UK & US when it comes to general attitude to religion. As a hard-line 'atheist' I feel very much part of the minority but they are definitely not as loony as they get in the States.

Have a good Christmas Toby & keep up the good work here (and on UKC.)

PS There's not many places you can go to the UK from to have a warmer Christmas are there?