Friday, July 21, 2006

From our Beirut Correspondent

Marion has sent me her second report. I have added a few links to relevant stories:

Friday 21 July 2006:

The Israeli war on Lebanon is now in the beginning of its second week and so far the casualties have reached 310 and are still growing. In the South there were confrontations between Israeli soldiers and Hizballah with Israeli incursions into Lebanon. There are reports of heavy fighting in the village of Maroun El Rass and a number of Israeli soldiers have been killed. Hizballah’s own TV station, Al Manar, has shown weapons and other military equipment they claim was captured from Israel in the fighting. Last night I watched the interview with Hassan Nassrallah on Al Jazeera. He promised that nothing in the universe will make Hizballah release the kidnapped Israeli soldiers except for an exchange of prisoners with Israel. In addition he promised more surprises for Israel. What grabbed my attention was the comment from the reporter who conducted the interview. He recounted that he was taken blindfolded to where the interview took place and when he entered the room he saw Hassan Nassrallah sitting calmly and watching TV. He surely is taking this war in a very calm way whilst I am frightened all the time! And it seems now clear this war may take a long time.

So far, among other places in the country, Israel is still targeting an area in Beirut called Dahiyeh Jnouniyeh (the photo above is of Dahiyeh - Toby.) populated almost solely by Shiite Muslims. Naturally Hassan Nassrallah’s home is located there along with Hizballah’s operation base called Morabaa Amni (if I can translate it literally to English it means “the Secured Square”). This part of Dahiyeh has always been guarded by Hizballah soldiers with arms. Now not only have major parts of Dahiyeh Jnoubieh been destroyed, but also the “Secured Square” has been continuously bombed turning it to ashes.

For the last few days the evacuation of foreigners from Lebanon has not stopped. Some leaving from Beirut harbour and Jounieh to Cyprus. Others by road through Damascus. Others such as the American Embassy are evacuating some Americans in its helicopters from the embassy to Cyprus. And still the International Airport is closed. Lots of Lebanese who left for work trips or for holidays or honeymoon, are now stuck abroad with no way to enter the country until further notice. Are we Lebanese doomed to be deprived from being in our own country? What is going on? One day to another, we wake find ourselves still in a nightmare that does not seem to end.

Where is the Arab world and the international community? The USA and Britain? They support Israel totally and they still claim it is defending itself with its non-stop insane bombardment. Their main concern is Hizballah’s disarming, even if it would be at the price of the whole country. The Arab World? They gathered in a summit last week but got to nowhere beyond asking for a ceasefire. Egypt and Jordan, and especially Saudi Arabia, have directly blamed Hizballah for putting the whole country in this situation due to its “adventurism”. I personally welcome all those countries’ brave reaction, though so far this has not succeeded in the stopping the war, neither Hizballah or Israel have listened.

Years ago I used to view Hizballah as a group that sacrificed so many lives for the purpose of freeing their country at a time when the Lebanese army was not able to deploy in the south and confront the Israeli occupation. Hassan Nasrallah’s own son was killed a few years ago in an Israeli bombing. Yet even though Hizballah were very conservative Muslim group, they were very well organized and seemed concerned only about the south’s safety and security and fight against Israel. So many years ago it played its role in the south of Lebanon, but lately when there was the discussion of merging with the Lebanese National Army and it then deploying in the south, why did Hizballah refuse? If Hassan Nassrallah really was interested in the good of his country he should have accepted. Why can Lebanon not be a normal country where only the national army is holding guns?

That is why I started questioning Hizballah’s patriotism and now, after its kidnapping action that had been planned at the beginning of this year, I have lost all respect towards for them, and indeed blame them for what is happening. It surely was not expecting Israel to beg politely for their kidnapped soldiers to be released and nothing more? It must have known how Israel would respond and therefore I blame totally Hizballah for what is happening to us. As I wrote in the previous report I am convinced now that it works for Iran and Syria. What a pity! Really! But who is paying the whole price? The nation…

On Wednesday a Christian area called Achrafieh, next to Beirut’s downtown – which is usually filled with restaurants, nightclubs, offices and apartment buildings – was bombed by Israel (see last paragraph - Toby.). We all freaked out – why this bombing? It turned out that two trucks for water pumping, parked on Abdel Wahab El Engliseh street, were targeted by an Israeli plane thinking they were arms for Hizballah. Luckily for Israel, the bombs which hit those trucks small and they only destroyed the vehicles and nothing else. Previously Israel had, by dropping leaflets, threatened to hit any trucks out on the streets. It fears that they are moving weapons for Hizballah. As a result, people seeing trucks parked next to their homes are calling the police to get the truck drivers to remove their vehicles for the safety of the neighborhoods.

The head of Trucks Owners Association of Lebanon, Chafic Al Kassis, stated in the local Al Balad newspaper on Thursday 20 July that there are 16,500 trucks in Lebanon distributed all across the country. So far 400 have been hit by Israeli air raids. Is Israel going to bomb the remaining 16100 trucks? If so, how will food and water supplies be transported to villages in need? Sadly, truck drivers will have to put their lives on the line and just pray to God during their journeys.

Fouad Sanioura our prime minister called on the World yesterday to help disarm Hizballah. But the question is how? Hizballah is fighting its war, and in return Israel is continuing to bombard Lebanon. And we stand there in between… watching our country bleed to death and waiting for a miracle or some magic to happen…

Marion A.J. Beirut, 21 July 2006

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Anonymous said...

Israel has been attacking and occupying Lebanon before I was born and all throw out my life. Israel has illegal occupation of Lebanon, but only the logical thinking can admit it. It’s Israel that has been kidnapping innocent civilians for years now, its Israel attacking Lebanon, ITS ISRAEL who have killed and still are killing many innocent people and most of them children.

Israel has killed 30 times more innocent Lebanese, than Hezbollah has killed the Israeli Zionists. Israel is a terrorist state, but no one that follows Israel, can understand the facts. ISRAELIS ARE THE KILLERS OF PEACE AND JUSTICE.

Israel states its targeting Hezbollah. But they have bombed ambulances, food resources, factories, livestock, civilian houses, UN and much more places.

and you still believe what they are claiming? Come on! Hezbollah wouldn’t hide in any of the places Israel has hit so far and the Israelis know that.

A DAY OLD BABY, ISNT HEZBOLLAH. Israel kidnaps and kills many everyday and no one speaks of it. Hatred fills their hearts and no one speaks of it. They have years of plans of how they will destroy next, yet no one speaks of it. The Lebanese innocent citizens can’t do anything, but sit at home and while we think about what we are going to do in the next five years, they are thinking if they will live till the next five minutes. Children are always brought up in terror, horror, fear and dread.

The children can’t even breathe properly, they are all sitting at home, schools, people’s homes and everywhere including the open. Sitting, listening to the explosions outside, not having enough food to eat or medication. “Mummy I don’t want to die” a helpless 4 years old Lebanese boy said to his mother. WHAT IS THE WORLD DOING WHILE BABIES AND CHILDREN ARE BEING KILLED? The Israeli children have safety and they are not being targeted to be afraid. Children of Israel were caught by a photographer, writing on missiles harsh messages to Lebanese children. The pictures speak for themselves.


HEZBOLLAH HEZBOLLAH……….. Hezbollah are part of the Lebanese national resistance. Hezbollah is a Lebanese Islamist Shiite organization and political party, aiming to defend its land AND HELP ALL INNOCENT PEOPLE as no one else can. OR NO ONE IS TRYING TO HELP.If it wasn’t for Hezbollah Lebanon would have been taken over by Israel, long time ago. Hezbollah in the current Middle East crisis hasn’t targeted or killed even one, innocent civilian in Israel, only the soldiers and army fighters are dying. ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO GO OUT THEIR, TO KILL LEBANON OR SUPPORT THE KILLING. Hezbollah’s only action is reaction, to what Israel does to its people. Hezbollah wants to get the Israel Zionists out of Lebanon, fight them if they have to and to return home the thousands of Lebanese and Palestine’s been abducted by Israel and tormented beyond words. What Hezbollah wants is the thousands of prisons taken hostage by Israel released and then the Israeli soldiers can be let out. It’s as simple as that. There is nothing wrong with wanting the blameless people out of the jails of Israel. Oh and THEN WE HAVE some people are complaining that Iran has given missiles to Hezbollah. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! What about the thousands of missiles and nuclear weapons, given to Israel by America, which can target every Arab place. HELLO! WHAT ABOUT AMERICA, WHAT ABOUT BUSH’S ACTIONS IN THIS WHOLE CRISIS? No matter what you Zionist and Zionist followers say and do, you can’t get out of this one. OPEN YOUR EYES, ARE YOU REALLY THAT BLIND AND DUMB TO THE TRUTH? I can’t say stop spreading propaganda as ‘Bush has it all under control’. But at least admit the truth to yourselves. WHERE IS YOUR CONSCIENCE PEOPLE? (Down the drain is where I see it.) It’s time for everyone to stop posting their pathetic comments and remarks, it’s time for everyone to research before they jump to a verdict. Its time for some respect, peace, justice and the truth. IT’S ABOUT TIME THE ATTACK ON LEBANON STOPS! SPEAK WORLD WHERE ARE YOU????????????????????????? One last thing I would like to say. My point of view is based on pure fact and the truth. Another fragment of pureeeeeee truth is that Hezbollah is becoming stronger then it ever was amongst Christians, amongst all Muslims amongst people all all-round the world. Amid everyone except Bush’s and Israel’s media. Help would be great, BUT HELP AND NO HELP LEBANON WILL FORGEVER STAY STRONG, JUST AS LONG AS WE HAVE PEOPLE WHO RISK THEIR LIVES TO DEFEND OUR NATION! WHILE THERE ARE MILLIONS OF ZIONISTS AND FOLLOWERS OF EVIL, THERE ARE MILLIONS MORE WATCHING AND SEEING THE TRUTH. MILLIONS READY TO FIGHT AND DEFEND. MILLIONS WHO ARE THE PEACE MAKERS AND FIGHTERS! JOIN HANDS PEOPLE.

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